Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing

A drone goes up in the air and reads the landscape. Having received the real time conditions, a robot in the excavator’s cockpit changes the pre-loaded CAD plans.


No need to excavate. The unmanned machine builds the walls to match the landscape. An adapted arm pours concrete: no person in the equipment, no building temporary forms.


Within a day there is a new building. This is all done with the power of a proprietary mobile 3D printer that fits into a vehicle seat. The AI is so robust, that one local person can operate construction. This isn’t science fiction – this is Inzio.

Construction Solutions

Solving construction challenges from the way it’s always been done:

Workforce Shortage

Today the construction industry in the U.S. alone has over 250,000 openings.  Inzio does away with the need for teams of construction workers that traditional concrete form building and even 3D printing companies require. Our technology is so powerful, that someone without a high school diploma can operate, and can learn via video in any language.

Materials Costs

In 2018, construction saw a near 10% spike in materials in just one year. This is not only less profit for the builders and developers, but more expensive homes and commercial buildings for buyers. Softwood lumber went up 23%. Steel and iron- each up 14%. The Inzio building process does not use these materials. Less expensive materials cost means more affordable buildings and more profitable projects.

Workplace Safety

2 in 5 workplace injuries happen on construction sites. The process of putting up walls and pouring concrete into forms is dangerous business.  Inzio takes the risk out of the process- saving lives and saving companies.

Remote Post-Disaster

Hauling materials, power and manpower into remote, off-grid and post-disaster locations costs not only money, but time, resources and workers. Fitting into the trunk of a vehicle, the Inzio 3D printer can be onsite and building the day after a natural disaster.  With the aid of integrated solar power, you can build in remote locations in the U.S. or abroad without needing to plug in to a grid. Building sites that are otherwise inaccessible to build on are now within your reach.

Partner with Inzio

To Inzio, the period between working prototype and mass production is a missed opportunity by many innovators. Other companies buckle down and work in silence, having the technical team rework every specific to their idea of perfection. Inzio is boldly opening this time to partner with a limited number of non-competing innovators. Partners will receive each stage of the “conversion kit” as it rolls out.


For less cost than when the products hit mass production, partners will not only be the first in your market to use Inzio’s proprietary systems, you will be co-creators we make each piece perfect. Because, it will be perfect for you. As early adopters, partners will get solutions custom built to your needs. Don’t see your industry here but have a great vision? Contact us as a “more” and we’ll see if we align.

We’re partnering with a select number of leaders in construction and innovation to be early users of our solutions as they roll out into what will be a complete conversion set. Together we will convert your current equipment and processes to automated wall systems. If selected as an innovation partner, you will not only have first access to our forms and automation system: before we bring each component to mass market, you will be able to have each piece customized to your work flow and goals. Together we will create the specifics of each piece of a conversion kit to meet your unique needs.

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The Inzio solution can be attached aftermarket or integrated in with heavy duty construction equipment.  The reusable forms and the automated system can be built into your current construction equipment to spec so that you are manufacturing the only vehicle like it. We are working with non-competing manufacturers of heavy duty construction equipment and companies that equip vehicles aftermarket to create the first ever mobile systems run on artificial intelligence.

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You can now create developments that were never before possible, at prices far below you imagined. Working on a micro housing community or a project with tens of thousands or more of square feet? If you have a plan for developments in the U.S. or abroad that you want built with far less cost and more speed in complex conditions or locations, we may help you make that a reality.

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We are committed to seeing every person own their home. We believe no one should become sick because of their homes. We are the building arm of the vision of a culture of health. If your organization is committed to seeing healthy, affordable housing built in the U.S. or abroad, in disaster recovery or rural areas, let’s see how we can partner to bring the dream to life.

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Housing is Health

Inzio may build walls, but we break down barriers. We are a mission driven company with a simple belief:  Everyone deserves a healthy home.  We put our time, money and resources towards this mission.  With partners, we will be building healthy and affordable micro homes and promoting innovation that solves our health and housing crisis. Is your organization committed to healthy homes?

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Join Other Health Leaders

Inzio is also disrupting the way we build solutions for health. We aren’t talking about “patients included” or building around the healthcare provider workflow- we are welcoming patient and physician leaders in “at the ground floor.”

If you are a patient influencer, a physician who knows the importance of creating solutions outside of the OR, or a health leader committed to #SDoH, apply here for one of our exclusive health advisory boards.

Grow Your Organization

Incorporating as a B-corp, we put our mission front and center. So while we’re continuing to perfect the elements of our building system, we’re already using our expertise to help other organizations with complimentary visions to create solutions for the health and housing market. If you want to work with us to help your organization grown within the #SDoH, health and housing markets.


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